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Home Automation in Bournemouth and beyond

Home Automation is probably the most exciting new technological development available to the residential market for a very long time. In a rapidly changing world, and with consumers' expectations ever increasing, these systems will undoubtedly feature highly in the homes of tomorrow.
The 3 main aspects are:

  • Automation – allows you to set your lighting scenes, programme your appliances and control your heating/air conditioning.
  • Security – detects and signals burglaries, fire and medical emergencies, whilst the ‘at home’ simulation programme gives added peace of mind.
  • Entertainment – provides a whole house audio and video capability with data and voice networks.

Imagine being able to control your home from anywhere in the world via your mobile or the internet! The ultimate in flexibility means that you can call home at any time to set the lights and temperature ready for your return, open/close the curtains and activate your garden irrigation system even when you’re on holiday! This product offers a host of lifestyle and security benefits to home-owners, giving them complete control of their homes from anywhere in the world, together with comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency.

The unique feature about the system we install is an “Enabling Panel” which allows a property to be wired in such a way that it is ‘enabled’ for Home Automation but does not necessarily have to have the system installed during the building stages of the project. The homeowner then has the flexibility to automate all or part of their property as budgets and requirements dictate. An “Enabling Panel” is inexpensive and, unlike other systems, replaces the need for a separate electrical distribution board.

We are trained and conversant on a number of systems, so regardless of complexity do not hesistate to ask. We are ideally located in Bournemouth to service the South of England.

View our recommended upgrade options to add that extra touch to your home.