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Home Automation Upgrade Options

Where our customers choose for their properties to be “better than just good”, we have developed a list of straightforward upgrade items to a domestic installation to give it that extra edge……

Change Spec to GET Screwless Flat-Plate

A lot of the top end installations that we have been doing have been very complimented by this range of electrical accessories.  It does require fitting deeper back boxes and is more expensive, but is top of the range for 1st class installations. ( we can supply samples if requested)

A/V Cabling

A good method of preparing a property for modern Audio/Video systems is to at least Cable for it on 1st Fix and before Plastering. It does not have to be extremely expensive, as all of the end equipment is left to be supplied by the future buyer.

At basic level it is good foresight to consider where Plasma or wall mounted TV’s might go.  At these points we take power, CT100 signal cables, 2 xCAT5e cables, and a component signal cable. These are then chased in to recessed boxes which can be blank plated.

All of these cables run to a central position where a hub can be later fitted.
Over and above the basic TV system we would install this costs approx –£250.00 per plasma position.

Also it is wise to fit links from where the hub would go to the satellite position and terrestrial area position (5 x CT100 downleads approx -£200.00)
CRIS System

CRIS is an acronym for Compact Residential Infrastructure System. It is a good way of future-proofing a property with a network of CAT5e Cabling, is very user friendly, and neatens up AV Cabling in an impressive patch panel enclosure. It replaces the need for BT Points and also comes with a TV Booster built in – another convenience for a future buyer.

We fit dual RJ45 points around the property which all terminate in to the patch panel. These points can become any number of things by “patching” i.e- A -BT , Fax, Data Terminal (via the inbuilt router) or literally any device which can run over CAT5- which is most.

With the main system installed, people sometimes choose to add a few more add ons to impress eg- the CRIS system can be supplied with an audio patch and attenuators to provide sound in 1 or 2 of the main rooms. This is done by providing links from where the main music centre would be in the lounge, going via the CRIS to, for example, the kitchen where you have a local volume controller controlling some recessed ceiling speakers.

GJD System

This is a very user friendly  system which controls all the outside lighting, and offers increased functionality and security. A control pad sits at the front door position and you can assign all the different outside lights to the 4 zones. Add 4 PIR’s to the 4 sides of the property and you eliminate the need for PIR’s on  Flood Lights and can have the sensors operating whichever lights you like.

The keypad offers the user simple options to over-ride the sensors, give an audible tone if any sensors are ever triggered, and sits excellently alongside a Burglar Alarm for the best in home security.

Lighting Controllers

 It is advisable to consider using lighting controllers in at least a couple of  base rooms.

These are special Light Switches which are custom dimmable panels which can also store scenes and are remote controlled. Generally we would expect to use them in the Living Room, Kitchen and possibly the Master Bedroom where a slightly more distinguished look is required.

We use companies like Futronix or Lutron, POA.

Enabling Panel

 This is our entry level full Home Automation product. It has been specifically designed for builders and developers who want to offer their buyers an automated property without having the expense of putting it in straightaway.

It requires a different cabling method and we also cable for a Touch screen and key-reader. We then connect it in such a way that no more equipment needs to be purchased and the house can function normally via the special “enabling panel”.

It has an extra selling point for the house, and if a buyer chooses to pay to have the full touch-screen system – it gives amazing results.

All of the products we provide and endorse have been carefully selected and follow a wealth of experience from our work in the high end property market where the value of these products easily outweighs their cost.